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YAY [27 Nov 2002|10:05pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Oh my goodness, it is snowing right now!

Monday Class was alright. French Lit with Katie & Nina was freakin' hilarious - the book we are reading was talking about masturbation so we were asking why people back then masturbated, lol. It was so funny. We had a test that period, I hope I did alright. After class my car wouldnt start UGH, so Jena had to drive me to Mikes work. His work was okay, actually it was pretty good. After he got off, my mom & Paula called me. Mike and i went to my dorm + he got changed and i got ready. We left my dorm @ like 6;30 & went to meet Paula and George @ Applebee's. The food & service was horrible, it was their 2nd day open. God, it was so bad. Mike got his meal & dessert for free. When I got back I went online for a little bit, then watched the Real World & the Osbournes. Mike slept over <3 and thats it.

Tuesday Mike and i got in a huge fight in the AM about me going to class.. at about 10 I made up with him. He left for class + then he had to work, i have no tuesday classes so, I talked to Kevin on the phone untill 12 and we made plans to go out to eat at 3:30. I went to bed & woke up late - 2;15! But it's okay cus I got ready in time. I left here @ 2:49, and mike left his keys and a note here, "Hey, I'll pick up ya car after work baby, Julez gave me a ride to Class and Mark and i have to work the same shift tonight so heres my car.. See you at 10. I love you sweetie! Mike" OMG! i LOVE him. haha! OH Guess what?! Nina is moving right near me! .. on MY FLOOR! This weekend! :D I'm so excited, she's right down the HALL from me :) So Kevin and i Had fun, we ate at China Max it was great lol. They thought he was my boyfriend. ROTFL lol NEVA!!! Anyway, when I got home I fell asleep a little while. I woke up at 5;40 cus Mike called me on his break. Then I ate some cereal & Fell asleep untill Mikey Came home. :)

Wednesday- I stayed @ jakes back home. Mike was mad i was going but oh well. he got over it. We had fun, I was laughing the whole time basically & we had a good time :) It was my first time seeing him in 2 months. I still love him, of course. He gamme his Dean College sweatshirt cus its from the summer & its too small for him :) I love sweatshirts<3! I got home at 6;15am & i picked Sheena up @ Oak Grove & took her to work, then i went to Jena's. Haha when I was on my way to Steve's. These Italian foreign exchange students were talking to me @ his college & they wanted to take my picture but I said no & they were like "Why you very pretty" Lol. When I was waiting for Steve to get his hoodie I saw one of the kids again & he came by my car window & waved in it, lol.

Thursday- I had to miss my Theology class cus I was too late. I had 2 other classes, they were alright. I'm starting to catch up finally, I think. Well in some classes anyway. Yeah so I walked to the dorm at 3. At 4;30; Me, Jena, Jackie, Jesse, Meghan, and Katie went to the mall & I got a pretty butterfly thong .. It's in the shape of a butterfly it's awesome! I also got a beige sweater & a pink, white, and gray outfit from Aeropostale :) So yeah I'm happy, I love getting clothes. After we dropped everyone off - Me, Jackie, and Jena went to work out. After I went home & ended up going to Katie's then we went tanning. Afterwards, I got a sub to go & we drove to Kristina's. I stayed there until 10 then drove home home. Jena Slept over. :) Julie is out of town BTW! :( Drama when we got home. Oh well. Nothing I can do. I'm still trying to figure out how I ended up fighting with Mike.. Well we just fought really bad, he went to his APT and he NEVEER stays there, all his shit is here. whatever, doesnt matter.. I took 2 sleeping pills & fell asleep on Julies bed around 2am. Jena and i were talking for so long lol<3

Friday- I took a cab home ((to my home home in orange)) @ 1. Then I took a shower, ate & went to Natalies ((where tiffany works)) - I was trying to parallel park my car, haha that was funny. Tiffany had no idea i was coming home.. she was SO SUPRISED her Angel came home! My mom came & we all ate 4. I got home & I was talking to Mike for like the longest time about things. So after Tiffany and I went home + Jake came over to get directions for the NFG concert in San Fran. I ended up calling ally fitcheybabey and she was already going!!!!! So we all left and we drove my car! I was nervous about letting Jake Drive but oh well. OLD TIMES!!! Mike was mad i was going to see NFG without him + with an exboyfriend. Nfg is mikes favoritee band but oh well. I Found ally, and her Tiffany and myself had SO much fun!!!! :) By the end of the night i was Crying i had to leave Ally but we made plans so YAY. We drove home and got home around 3. Tiff spent the night and Jake went home.

Saturday- in the morning I woke up feeling sick .. I puked, 4th time since I did Monday. i kept waking up and pukin, i puked 5 times... I slept untill Tiffany woke up, around 12, and My mom had dropped my film off at Rights's. Then Patty called and I talked to her and we made plans. Tiff and I got ready then we went to see 8 mile at 3;55 :) I don't know why people say that movie sucked, cus it was fucking great. I loved the battles in it. He's awesome. When it got out, we picked up Nikki and Bella and dropped them off at Tiffany's. Tiffany and I went out to eat + decided that Me & Tiff slept over there at her house. We came home and got ready to go out and were looking for partys. My cell was ringing off the hook man... - While Nikki was online we found out that Steve was having a big party so we drove out there at 8;15 and had SO much fun, i was so Shitfaced i couldnt even walk HAH!! We ended up sleeping at Steves Dorm and I slept w/tiffany in Steves roomates bed. we passed out at like 4Am. Lol it was so funny.

Sunday- I woke up at 1;40pm. My mom ended up calling my cell SCREAMING i missed church. I dropped off Tiffany and I got home at about 3;15. My mom was sposta leave me $ for a pizza, but she never did so I had to spend some money out of my paycheck of $103.72!! LOL :) After I ate i went over to Tiffany's house - Nick got hit by a car & his jaw is broken so we were all upset & stuff.. it really sucks & I feel bad. Me & Tiff were sitting in her room until like 5 when Nikki came & saved us! Lol. She had alcohol. I decided i wanted to go to CrossRoads So Jake called and got 3 connecting rooms + we called up people and we got a party going. there were a BILLION people there. There was so much to drink. We got there around 8 but we didn't start drinking till like 10, Mike called and was mad I was there, He said I should be at home. whatever with that. So yeah, I drank Rasberry Vodka, ew I should've known not to drink that shit again. I don't remember what time I passed out but it was so fun.

Monday- I woke up at 8am & kept waking up cus my stomach was killing me. I was trying to puke the whole morning. My dad called me I finally got up at like 1;30 & I dropped off Tiff and I went home. I puked like 20mins later. I felt so much better. Then I fell asleep until 4;15 & I still felt sick, so yeah. at like 6 Mike come here :) home for Break! my break started ealier than his, because he had to work. :) Im so excited my baby came home!! we did stuff around my house and my family went out to dinner and me and Mike had the house to ourselves. we layed around in my room talking and kissing and I realized he is my WORLD, I love him so much <3 :) I LOVE HIM!! :) we had some great sex and fell asleep in eachothers arms. at 10 my parents came home to tell me that they were going to be out for the night and they would be home late and they came to get more money, so that ment great qt time for Jake and I. We went swimming in my pool, Jumped on the Trampoline, Watched Romeo And Juliet, Took a Bubble Bath Together, Slept + Did "stuff" :) It was so fun like the old days. My parents got home at 4 and me and jake were about to have sex again, but they came home so we just went to bed. :)

Tuesday- a ton of people were over my house when Jake and I woke up. Well when i woke up!! a lot of our HS friends were over, I'm not even gonna name em all cus I really don't remember. Everyone went home after we ate Brunch + My mom put the new computer in my room so now it's even more phat than before. Me & Mike ended up going to Allys out in San Fran, SHE GOT INTO MY COLLEGE!! SHES GOING THERE NEXT YEAR IM SO EXCITED!!! :) :) :) :) well we all hung out at her house with Jake her BF not my X lol and then we went out to eat + we drove around town in my car of course, She wants to show off my Bling Bling.. OH for those of you who DONT know, I have a White BMW, Check out My Icon, its MEEEEEEEEEE<3!! lol. By the time we got to Allys it was 11 and I didnt want to drive ALL the way home in the dark neither did Mike, So we went to Allys Fav Bar, Pimpinii's and Drank around 11.. We had SO much fun LOL. HEY GIRL CAN I HIT THAT SHIT? EXCUSE ME? WHAT SHIT? LOL ally we are too funny.. We Left around 1 and we all Slept in Ally's room, She has a king sized Bed, all 4 of us in it, SO funny lol Al.. I LOVE YOU!!

Today- We all woke up for breakfast at 8 and Allys Maid made us the BEST breakfast I have ever had!!! Mike and I drove home around 11 and stopped at Tiffs and Hung out and Finally got home around 2. Tiff Came over and Mike took Nikkis ((my sister)) car to his house and is coming back Later or tomorrow. Tiffany and I went swimming and watched lifetime, we had a girlie day. We went surfing! UGH i havent gone in SO long i MISS IT!!!!! lol. we just spent the day doing the things we used to do. Shes coming to my College too next year!! my 2 best friends coming WOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so excited!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so yeah :) No College until next Tuesday :D Alright well I'm gonna go hang w*Tiff & everyone, we're going out to JaKk's the bar out here, I MISS IT SO MUCH!! lol<333 I MISS YOU JULIE! anyone have an extra code for me?! :-) oh by the way, I LOVE YOU ALLY! WE HDA SO MUCH FUN!! NEXT YEAR IS GOING TO BE CRAZY!

*XoX* Mwah!! *Dee*

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SHAKE SHAKE BOOBIE :] [11 Nov 2002|02:19pm]
[ mood | productive ]

Thursday was the suckiest one of em all. After class me, Jena & Alex went to Jena's dorm and got ready. Then we left at like 7 and went to meet Jillian. We drank while we were over JiLLy's Boyfriends Apartment, People were over. I didn't get any drunker than usual & we ended up staying at Mikes with a buncha people until 9 when Jena & I drove back to her dorm. Jared, Billy L, and Jason from Somerville came to visit us. Billy and Jena we're hooking up or something, I watched a movie with Jared, Blue Streak. We ended up making out because Jason left and I was SO drunk.. i felt so bad....

Friday was my last day on Medication :) im better!!! I also got my intrium report!! I have all A's & B's cept for Psych cus he didn't have any tests, just one quiz that I wasn't even able to answer all of it cus I wasn't there so i have NA, which is better than nothing!!!!! Yeah so then Mike worked until 6 & went up & picked him up. we came back to my dorm, and i took a shower and stuff. Then Jared, Jason & Jena came up & we layed around until Steve was at Jena's so we went there. i drank so much & it felt good, but like it's just so hard on my body. I'm okay right now, but I don't know.

SATURDAY I got home at like 1;30pm from Mikeys. I ate & took a shower. Then went to S&S where I dropped my check off & bought some makeup & hairspray. Jena called me so i drove to her house from there. We went to Alex & robs dorm but we left at 8 cus it was wicked boring. Rob had his stepbrother, Ryan, there that he wanted Jena to meet, but ew - he looks like ROB! LoL right Jena? Alex was so pissed, because jena is his girl!!! That's so bad, I don't blame ya!

SUNDAY I picked up Mikes sister Stacy. She came to visit from New York cus she's going to some seminar out here. Her seminar was that night, it lasted till 8, she came to my place, Mike was sleeping.. So we decided to See 8 mile. We saw it and came back and while we were gone everyone went out around 9pm. We went to KaPs at 9;20 cus I knew everyone would be there. I saw Mikeys car :D So Stacy and i hung out and it was alright. After 11;00, we found everyone (we didnt look b4) and Stacy decided to go out with this guy she used to know Nick.. He lived near her old house.. then Ashley called me at 11;45 & we all left and went to her dorm to see Mike J but he had already left. Andrew B gave me a cookie because i was starving! Then i went home and went to bed.. Mike came over in the middle of the night, and climbed in bed with me.

TODAY mike went home and i showered and got ready. I walked up at Kristinas and chilled there. I went home at 10. watched passions and now here i am.. My Fitchey Babey is supposed to call me but i uno when shes gunna!

LOVE *Dee*


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HeLla [29 Oct 2002|10:11pm]
[ mood | sick ]

im back :)

much love to sugar babie fitcheybabey

n i LOVE how ppl think im fake.. your soo friggin kool.

i love Mikey!!!!!!

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:( [20 Oct 2002|07:55pm]
[ mood | sad ]

everyone please pray for deena this is her best friend fitcheybabey ally, her boyfriend Mike called me and told me she is in the hospitle by her moms house and is very sick so please pray for her.

*<3* ally


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:( [20 Oct 2002|07:53pm]
[ mood | sad ]

everyone please pray for deena this is her best friend fitcheybabey ally, her boyfriend Mike called me and told me she is in the hospitle by her moms house and is very sick so please pray for her.

*<3* ally


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im so sick!! [06 Oct 2002|02:03am]
[ mood | sick ]

Anyway, I went to the meeting at the triple S for being a pledge with everyone on Thursday or whatever... Im In! :)

Yeah they don't have the shop open that I want so, I'm not going there. I been working my ass off to do stuff for school & not doing shit with anyone.

Friday I went to a meeting at x2S with mel @ 8am - I think I'm going to really do this Sorority thing, so that's that... I'm on the pledge list for this year + next term i'll be in... i hope. Jenna is this cool chick whos in x2s and i have a pic of us making out from a bar when we were drunk. haha go us!!!!!!!!. On Friday I went to Katie's at like 10am and started feeling really bad so i went home and ended up going to the er at 5pm till 3pm on saturday. They told me to STOP going out and stuff, i have to stay in and take meds, for a week, i have bronchitus and mono!!!!!!!!!! however you spell it, im hacking up blood, i cant swallow, i have a fever, i cant eat, im hot im cold, its so gross guys..

KIM IS HOMEEEEEEEEE! YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she brought me over some ghetto soup.

Mikey and I have been fighting a lot less... hes worried about me.. we need eachother.. we're crazy... he came over with our scrapbook he made me.. with prom stuff and pics of us from forever ago and now.. i love him<3

Today I went to Walgreen's with Julie & bought ponytails, lipgloss, pain killers, a thermomoter & blue + pink shampoo. I used the pink in the shower, it smells cool but I kinda fucked up with the kinds, i bought kind for brittle hair.. hah, lol :P S'all good, the blue is the right kind! :x Then later on everyone went out to eat... it was Mike with Julie, Mel & Kev to Yeti's. Julie ordered me food. Mike and Kev went to the mall while julie and mel were waiting for my food. yeti's is funny cus someone is always drunk.... I was singing when julie got back, well i was kinda wispering haha.. They got back a while ago & I told Mike I was going to be home all night when I talked to him earlier before he left, like 10mins before they left he told me to call him 10 mins after julie got home, and he's not in his room. i called his cell and it was off.. the he knocked on the door with roses, a book, and some soup... aw i love him!! hes sleeping now, and i was too, but i woke up and decided to update. IM ME sometime guys DLtzyDee!!!!!!!!!!!! k im going to bed with my MAN OH I LOVE HI!

i g2g to bed its LATE!!

(im going home this week i think to see my mom and stay there with her cos im sick and i wanna see tiffy and everyone bCK HOME! im prolly going tuesday because im not going with mike to his sisters because im so sick.)

XoX DeEnA<33

check out allys new icon of her and her boy fitcheybabey SEXY!! I LOVE YOU GIRLIE BFFL<3

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[02 Oct 2002|05:10pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Sunday: At about 5ish when Mikey was driving me home, we stopped at Petsmart. We got my mousie, which is named Princess, a new colorful cage with a wheel + water bottle + all this cool stuff... uh, food, bedding, and 2 kinds of treats. Afterwards, Mike drove me to his dorm and we set up princesses stuff. :) he gets to keep her since julie has a fucking cat and were not supposed to! lol.. then we went back to my dormmm... we watched movies and di shit.. then he left. workin at 9 and I sat inside of my house until 9:15ish. At that time, i drove Me, Mel, and Jena to the bbv. We rented and watched "Crossroads" and you know what? It was a good movie :) We had so much fun. Then when the movie was over, and i was driving them home.. mel knocked over this wooden easel with a poster on it in our lobby downstair & I was the one standing up so it looked like I did it, lol. We got ideas from the movie to go on a roadtrip, make a box of our stuff + bury it, and do karaoke :D That would be so fucking fun, lol. Julie called my cell as i was driving them home and said be ready shes picking us up at 12.. so we went to get Jena's stuff & then back to my dorm, got ready and thre was julie.. we went to shades (bar) and saw Talia working!!!!! Julie Me & Jena drank like sailors, it was so much fun :) I'm so glad I drank with them. We were dancing & singing, meeting guys, talking, and we were out until about 2;30-3 in the morning :x

Monday: Me, Jena, and Julie woke up around 11. We layed in bed for a little bit, went on the computer, went down and ate breakfast. At like 2 or 3 I made us all ghetto soup :P Oh yeah, we did aerobics too, lol. That was so funny. There's so much more to the fun we had, but it will take too long to type it all. At 4;30 i drove jena home and I went to the dorm and cleaned + did laundry until 6;30. Then I ate some pizza, and took a shower. Mike picked me up at like 8 and we went to the mall. I bought 3 pretty shirts. Afterwards, we went to Jena's but she had a note on her door she was talking with Greg... so we drove around & saw Julies car at work.. sucks to be her!!! We drove to Mikes dorm so he could unplug his phone and bing it with us & to Andrea's to see if she wanted to go out.. and then we just drove around and shit. We were at my place for the night. we layed there and slept and woke up and omg. i love him.

Tuesday: Mike woke me up at 11;30am. :( Mike and i decied to drive home, and my dad was bothering me about the computer i have because its better than his so I was getting pissed off. My mom was sitting there ignoring us. My dad ended up leaving and so did we shortly after geting money from my mommy. so now its like 1:30 and i fell asleep in my room and steve came in n woke me up.. a like 5 because my cell was rining off the charger, the phone too and my ims! it was mike.. so i woke up and got all nice and reaady.. steves a weirdo. haha! Mike came over at 9. We went to Stop & Shop and I got candy. Then we went to mikes dorm and while we were waiting outside I could of sworn I saw like a wolf or coyote. It was scary :( Then we went to Walgreen's to get some stuff.. ;) and this Probe spun out and did like 3 360s and wound up in the other lane and just drove off, it was awesome :D We went back to the spot & Shawn, Mike, Tom and them were there. At like 10;50 we drove Shawn to sigma sigma phi & Tom, Adam, Joe, Gina, Rose, and Jamie were there. Rose tried to say hi to me but I was like "Don't fucking talk to me, you called me a bitch and you like my boyfriend." Of course Mie said hi to her because he is fake!!he talks shit about her butwont sy it to her. Sorry Mike, but it's true :\ Anyway, we left there and drove around. I got mad at Mike because he flipped and brought up my REAL dad because we were fighting for yet another dumb reason. my REAL dad killed himself.. and he was like your fucked up without a real dad.. any real male.. So I was screaming & threw shit out the window ;\ Yes, I went psycho. so i cried and wanted to go home.. as we were driving to his dorm where i didnt wanna go we saw French, Bri, Dallas, and Al at Sam's so we went there & we ate some mozorella sticks :) Haha, I ran across the street with Bri's keys, it was pretty funny. So yeah, I just went to mikes and he appologised a million times.. and bought me stuff iced tea & Reese's. Awww, he's so adorable! <33 I love you sweetcheeks, lol.

wednesday; home from classes today because im sick! mike usually wakes me up, and he overslept. When I woke up it was 10;45. Oops.. meds are suppose to be taken at 8!!! :\ mike's going to Syracuse University in New York next week tuesday to see his sister :( He wants to bring me. if we go we'll be back by Sunday. So, I'm going to a rush tomorrow. I wanna go out tonight, but i cant.. iunno.

im off of school for awhile because i have a really bad mono! oh i didnt write bout that.. lol.. well im sick and supposed to stay in my room but oh wll im not.. prolly end up sicker..

where is ally fitcheybabey she is the coolest i love her bffl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this stephanire girl thinks im chelsy.. what a laugh! omg. yeah okaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! o wel everyone tells me shes fake anyway.

im going to go

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busyness! [30 Sep 2002|08:55am]
[ mood | gloomy ]

wednesday class was alright. Colleen didn't & she had my notes, and we had a quiz.. so I get i got an F, thanks Ween..never again, lol.

Oh last night I kind of slept alone :*( nobody was here!!!!!

Yeah anyway, Mike and i are great as usual.. i got completely trashed on tuesday and kissed everyone but its okay.. he did too.. then we made up..

So, Kim left AGAIN! And it started raining.. woohoo.

At 7 I went to CVS with mandy & Kim, I got Seventeen magazine because it had dresses :) and I got new coverup! :D

i had a wicked bad headache all day.. and Mike and i didnt talk all day. i wouldnt talk to him.. he fucking fingered some chick.. he was drunk but what the fuck.. so i cAlled rich and he came over and you can only guess what hapened. paybacks a bitch.

thursday school was ok I guess. Bitch didn't end up coming to class.. fucking slacker.. come on its 9am.. not THAT early :-) I started getting sick today too, ugh. The doctors around here are weird.. i don't have insurance.. fuck! :\ i need to call my mom

Yeah anyway, I went to central at 12:30 and just went online and stuff over Kim's. Kim came home, only for a little while though, but she'll be home for good tomorrow :-) shes staying with her boyfriend at his apt on campus but we miss her.
So, I went to Mike's dorm today, we was planning for here, but I had to go to his. I bumped my head in the doorway, on the corner when I turned around, lol. I'm so dumb :x (**).

friday: Actually Mike came and drove me to get some things in the morning, 9;45. Then he came back down after I finished my nap, which I think I needed.. of course he didnt. Oh and I found out Rosie likes Mike.. sorry hes mine.. I'm pissed tho. Anyway, so Mike picked me up. First he dropped some money off at Doms then we went to Dunkin Donuts so I could get a Coffee Coolatta and then we drove all the way home to his parents house in Case. We went by the route to my house because we were gonna chill there, but my parents were home so we went to his house and yeah :). Then we went to gtown and got Mike's LAST paycheck from before he left for cal state because they wouldnt mail it to him, and then we got his car washed :D Afterwards we went out to lunch at Ground Round.. when we were driving home I called and noone was home so Mike and i went home.. stayed till like 3. (**)

Night Mike brought me home earlier so he could go back down to his house. around 6:30ish or something he decided to go pick me up and we were going to go to his house. It was pretty fun there :D Let's see, we went and rented The Fast and The Furious... then, went to Walgreen's, where we saw his friend Andrew working, and got candy & a magazine. We got back to mike's and watched the movie. I love that movie so much <3 :P Bobbi ((his mom)) made us fried dough before she went to crossroads with his family, thanks Bobbi! :-) Alex, Robby, Danny, and Timmy called mikes house looking for us cos they figured we were there. Me and Mike left at about 10:40 because we woke up and fed eachother.. got a little messy and we showered together.. we should have left way earlier.

saturday: i got home, went online for like 10 minutes, and I've been in my room till i went to jenas.. lol. Mike called my cell at like 11:30 and then called me when he got to his room, before going to work until 5. I've been reading a book called Forever like all day. Thanks Jena, now I don't have to sit and watch Lifetime all day :P It's pretty good so far, I'm on page like 90 or something like that. So here I am :D

Yeah so like I said, Mike got out of work at 5 and we took Rich's car out to dinner and stuff because he gave rich his car so he could roll down the top for Lindsay. they went on their second date :D We rented A Walk to Remember and the new guy, I'm not sure what else. we went to the mall and picked out my pretty heart-shaped diamond necklace, and he bought it for me :D I'm so excited, it looks good on me. After we drove around and went to his apt and chilled there and watched the movies. Then we went to my dorm and he slept over..

Yesterday I did nothing.. :( I just sat at home. At 6 I fell asleep until 9;15? Then, I ate supper, lol. ghetto soup... I did my work afterwards & watched the Real World.. I talked to Mike till 12 & I didn't fall asleep until between 2-2;30. then i woke up at 3 because mike came over and jumped on me.. i love that kid so fucking much..

Today im not going to any classes because im going to doctor. :( I did mikes schedule for work. SPANISH IS SO STUPID... fucking 5 years of that shit. hopefully mike and i can do summer abrod together. Anyway, my mom just called me up and asked why i wasnt in school & to tell me she went to her office to get my Bank Book. Then she told me went to the bank and closed my account since i have one here, lol. There was only $11.27 in it :\ Then, she went to the post office so she could drop off a package for me, then it was off to my nana's house :) My nana gave me some money & shes going to mail it too. SO after about an hour we got off the phone and i went to the mall and I got Mike a present :) I'm not saying where I got them or what they are though because he reads this so :P My babe gets off at 5;40. I wanna go get him more stuff, but everything is so far away from my dorm.. not really im just sick and lazy.......

I can't wait till tomorrow. <3 Oh yeah! *Special Day For Mike and I* Mike was pissed off yesterday at class because ome girl said that she could get me drunk and fuck me in a Ford Explorer & bring it back the next morning with me in it. Lol, stupid people that makes no sense. Mike called the dealership where he bought the Lex, but they didn't call back. His mom said that if they bought the car back, that she would let him lease a car. Omg, that's so awesome. He could get anything :D Anyway, iunno what Mike's getting for me or what we're doing so I can't wait :)

Right now Mike's on his way her & I left my purse in my room mates's car so we cant do anything because my shit is in there... :\ I'm rather bored, lol. Well, I'm gonna go get ready for mike.. i gotta run up the street and get some shit! ;) <3 I'm kind of tired right now, but i gotta go out

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poop! [27 Sep 2002|11:00pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

Ok well, Tuesday evening I went out with Kevin, first to his Dorm (**) Then we went to the mall! We went into Sam Goody and bought the Darude cd & played video games :) Well, actually kevin hogged them! :( Lol. We chilled when we went back to my place for a bit, and then he went home. Also that night, mikey slept over :P

Wednesday: 3 classes fo the day.. it was pretty funny yesterday. Me & Meghan have a club for us because we have SHS.. LOL, we made the name up. It stands for Shaken Hand Syndrome because both of our nerves like act up & make our hands go crazy :x It's pretty funny. Meghan, we're gonna make a club house! Haha. Anyway, Jenna drove and we went out to wazziz and drank for like 5 minutes.. we were bored and I had stuff to do so i went back to the dorms at jens and just chilled basically.

Today: My mom was still asking me about the conversation today when she called, and it got me pretty pissed. School was so tiring today, well Genzer made it that way anyway. I had a 2 hour with him... after,me and julie got hella scared of this fat guy who was following us so we ran like... a mile & my kidney hurt so bad after like 15 sex, I felt so dizzy and shit.. it was the worst pain ever :'( I think I should go to the doctor's?.. I know I need to stop bitching but, I was weezing too! i thought julie was going to have to start CPR. In Calc I was so tired so I was just like "resting my eyes" and my teacher made me wake up! I was like "Damnit!" :( I came home and cleaned, let kev borrow 3 bucks for dinner he promised to get me wendys.. $3 out of money! Ugh. When I got back to the room I made myself go down an get some Ellio's Pizza... then me and kevin watched an hour of Moulin Rouge, it was good so far :) mike came to my room & suprised me! :D I was happy. We went to his dorm, the whole time I was laughing pretty much.. it was fun (**) When we got to center we went to melanies so I could get my makeup & cd she had, then we went to Sun-Stop Tanning. I went in for 17 minutes, got color, stayin dark! :D We went to the mall afterwards ((it took like 43 minutes! lol)), ate some Chicken Ceaser Salad Wraps, went to Sam Goody & played some video games.. I kicked your ass mikey!, Went to CVS and I got highlighting shampoo for julie. On the way home we went to Winfrey's and got some fudge.. mmm :) So now I'm back at the dorm. Oh yeah, also when I got home from class today, I found a letter from my parents and ripped it.. haha stupid fuckers! :D

Ugh. Julie has made this room a mess, its fucking horrible with her clothes lying all over the place! My room is no longer mine either. it sucks. but college is fun. Omg, I only have less than $25 to live on till thursday when i get paid, anybody care to donate? seriously :( I know

Shit. I still have to:
+ take a shower
+ go with julie to the gas station
+ charge my phones/s
+ talk to MIKEY!
+ run upstairs

college is great. :P ohhh julie is the roomie! lol

Damnit, I guess all that's enough to say bye! :)

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New Layout [08 Sep 2002|11:41pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey Dee!

Hope you like your new layout. I'll have to make your icon tomorrow and then I will send it to you. If you need anything else you know my screen name.

Take Care<33333

-Amber [dreamiish]

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lil update [27 May 2002|03:39am]
[ mood | impressed ]

-thanks casey & chelz for commenting
-had a BLAST at prom, my dress was awesome, everyone loved it<3
-yah dont belive me or anything but i GOT PROM QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i duno whos gunna belive me but i didnt htink i*d get it so i didnt say anything but i did :) aweee.. Mike Rugeotoy was King.. we had SO much fun.. the dance was "this i promise you" by nsync! the prom nominee's got to write down their song, if they won what would it be and since i won, that was my song. and Mike picked "whats love" by ashanti and fat joe.. lol, so they played that after. Jake and me had so much fun, but at the end of the night, i realized i dont love him the way i used to, and were better as friends. so i told him and we both cried and im going to college so.. its better this way.. right???? =]]]] PLUS Mike asked me to hang out today ((well he asked me when we were dancing)) so we hung out, we went over to Vals because shes got the house to herself and she was lonley. So Me, Mike and Kris went over there and Kris And Val hooked up<3 awwee so cute!!!!!!! luv it! well me and mike are i duno dating? LOL! commencement is TUESDAY! whooo no more schoolzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!! yay.. i dont know what college to go to.. and the latest i can send in my responce weather im goin or not is coming up.. omg =/

this is longa than i wanted it 2 be.

<33 dee

can i have some layout help? i don want this nemore

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*muh dress* [23 May 2002|06:54pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

well heres my dress for prom people.. it looks HELLA good on me.. lol

me and tiff are trying to make icons in paint, they suck! lol... i need a code for her!

well i gotta go, Dad got tiff a suprise and its outside.. i think its a car cause he just beeped! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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*prom* [22 May 2002|10:17pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

pRom is SATURDAY<33333333333333333333


... Tiffany MIGHT get Lj, duno.. i asked stephie but idk if shez guna give meh a code or nawt. :) Hope so! if not, tiddy is guna write in hea wit me like sum otha girlz have.

i need sum frienz on hea.. dayum..

Me, Jake, Tiff, Matt, Steve, Nikz, Jessica, Toby, Tyoniseea, Desarai, mike and breteny went to this bar/club called JaKK's~~ omg, it was hella fun!! tiffany was HELLA drunk and HELLA GOOD came on and she was like okay guys, i think im going to go dance, and she getz up and barely makes it to the dance floor and shes dancin and this MADD hot guy starts dancin wit her and Mike goez ova and was like bakk off dude shes mine and hes like startin shyt with him and the kid hiz namez Richie Perry so we call him wuteva.. well perry got fuccin pissed and grabbed his drink and left with TIFFANY! lol it was hella funny, i went in the parking lot and i went to his car [ he has a fuckin neon green celica.. like from fast and the furious its sweet, but not better than MY car, but hey not everywun can compete with a fuccin brand new 2002 Caddie escalade :) but anyway i went to the car and tiff put down the window and she was all pantin and wuz like 5 minutez! then i go ova and hes like i'll take her home, so she ended up ho0kin up with him and they are goin out now, its kool and shizzy but Mike waz PISSED cauz he lyked her HELLA much and now hes goin out with Nikki LOL funny shit, he's going to prom wit her.. well nothin much else to say.. we had fun at jakks and were going again on Sunday night. whoooo whooo sticky icky icky icky icky! i gotta go call tiffany and see wutz goin on for school tewmorrow
peaCe niGga


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me n tiffany being stiLlYpd [30 Apr 2002|01:54am]
[ mood | awake ]

'-, name: *deeanna {NEVER CALL ME IT} er dee, DD ;]-,
,-' bdai: o1*21 _ song: uh huh *b2k _ age: 17 -*,-'
'-, loka: 650 _ sekz: bo0bz n klitt<3 Lmao TIFFYBEE!*-
,-' statz: true love always finds its way bak to you! *jake*,-'

its crayzee how some1 can break y0or heart
but y0o still luv them with every piece of it<3..

they say if yew luv sumthin let it go, if it comes back its
y0urz, and dats how ya know.. *jakey i love you babah*


DeEnA pAyz me $1 a WeEk
tO bE heR fRiEnd..
[SaLaD ToSsEr]
~lol jp <333 tiffany bb4L<3
[get me lj]

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omg [30 Apr 2002|01:33am]
[ mood | anxious ]

i havent updated in forever holy kwap!

kkkkkkkaaaayyy well im going to ProWm<3 with... duh duh duh jake!! yes jake my ex. him and Nikki broke up so me and him became cool again, im cool with nikz too, shes getting lj, me and tiff are close as eva, shes such a doll.. i cant wait till summa were going to have so much fun, well i gotta go can someone help me make some icons of me and my friends? thanks!


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[15 Dec 2001|09:03pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

well today fucking sucked. i took one of dem home pregnancy tests you know? and it said im pregnant. great. im fucking 17 :] lol, well i hope im not, even tho it wouldnt really show, till around prom. fuck, and i wanna be prom queen? yeah right. well steve found out about me being pregnant and dumped me. after so long you know? now what am i going to do? i hope the test is wrong. well brand0n<3 asked me to go out, hes one of steves best friends so now im with brand0n. fuck you steve. i know you will read this.

<3 dee dee

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*pix* [15 Nov 2001|08:45pm]
*VaL MeEh SAmIe LiNdSaY*

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[15 Nov 2001|08:43pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

aol is fucking gay!! i had all these picz up on here!@!!!!!! and they got erased~!

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IM SO IN LOVE!! [12 Oct 2001|12:09pm]
[ mood | loved ]

I love my Steve so fucking much... I just have to let this out. I just realized that I love him more than I ever have.. omg I want to spend the rest of my life with this guy .. he means so much to me. OMG, I love the way he cares for and loves me~! I love the way he loves me. I love the way I love him .. I LOVE THE WAY WE LOVE EACHOTHER! I can't wait to talk to him and tell him this. You can call me obsessed, but that's not it all.. honestly, I am hoplessly in love with this man. :) And you know what I love most .. he's my man! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

:) :) :) :D :) :D =D =) :D :) :) :) :O

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blah blah blah [20 Aug 2001|01:52pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Why are people so fucking retarded? They lie so much.. you know? >:| Hmm, I would be out right now because, Stacy was supposed to fucking call me but guess what? SHE NEVER DID. So, I just called her house and Ashley or Sheri said she was fucking out. Oh, Katie called me earlier and she asked for Kim and since Kim wasn't here she just started telling me this story then, I said I wanted to go and she was like 'Okkk?' and she hung up on me. I called her back and I asked her why she hung up on me and I was like yeah you don't call for me anymore.. you always call for Kim. Then, she wwas trying to tell me I'm always with Steve *HELLO~!*@, WE'RE GOING OUT* So then I was like, don't even give me that fucking shit .. you're always with Kim or fucking Chris and she was like 'Whatever.' So, I hung up on her. Whatever with these fucked up people.. I hate fucking staying in~!@* I just paged Meghan because she's not home and she hasen't called me back yet. UGH. And, I called Jena but, I guess she's not home or something? >:| I'm so angry.

Last night.. this girl Erika got hit by a car :( I feel so fucking bad. I guess she has a big bump on the side of her head and one of her teeth is chipped and she has cuts all over her neck, arms and legs. And, her knees hurt. :( I just saw her yesterday too.

Today, Cordiero came down in the afternoon or whatever and we pretty much chilled at my house and went swimming except when we walked to library. I finally got my 2n book~!* I don't like reading :x He ended up getting picked up by his sister around 3:30 or something. :( I was sad. I was like crying.. like always!~*@.

Yesterday was okay. Steve came over in the afternoon and we went swimming then, I got ready and we went to Walgreen's and then to Burger King to eat :) Maria was there.. Lol. She's moving tomorrow.. Awwe poor headwhore <3 I still love her though, she's so funny. Lol. After that we left and went to Stop & Shop to see if anyone was there but, noone was. Then, we saw Jared and he was with his friend and they dropped us off at Stacy's house to see if she was home but, she wasn't so, we went back to my house and went swimming again. Lol. Then, we watched tv and left around 7:30. We walked to Maria's house to if anyone was there but, she wasn't home yet so, we left. Meghan called me and told me Stacy was going so, I went to Main Street to see if I could find her but, we just ended up walking back to Maria's. First, we got icecream when we met Meghan from the icecream man~!*@ <3 LOL! Then, we chilled at Maria's and it was pretty gay until we made our 'Bloodymary' rofl ;x LOL Megz~!@* Me and steve ended up leaving and we went to Chris's house and showed up just when Katie got there so, we went to DB Mart and went back to Chris's... they're liars... all I have to say :x Steve left at 11 :( That was my night..

This summer has sucked.. you don't understand..Not sucked but, it definately was not the funnest summer AT ALL~!*@ I miss last summer
:*( Mkay, I'm going now.. IM STAYING IN ALL FUCKING NIGHT~!*@*~*@!~(* :( ERR


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